How to Measure For Curtains • Remnant Kings:

Firstly you need to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a track or pole, both of which should be positioned 12cm-15cm (6 inches) above the window and extend 15-30cm (6-8 inches) either side, to allow the curtains to be stacked back off the window if required. You need to fit the track or pole before taking measurements.

Measuring the width: Measure the total width of the track or pole (excluding the finials) – do not measure the window unless it is wall-to-wall. Remember to allow for overlap – this is an additional measurement, generally 2.5cm (1 inch) that allows for overlap in the centre when the curtains are closed.

Measuring the length: Before you begin measuring the length, decide where you want your curtains to fall to - the sill, below the sill or to the floor. We would recommend that:

· Sill length curtains finish 1.25cm (1/2 inch) above the sill. · Curtains that fall below the sill finish 15cm (6 inches) below. · Floor length curtains finish 1.5cm (1/2 inch) from the floor (although you can create a different look by having them longer and trailing on the floor).

Measuring curtains for tracks Measure from the top of your track.

Measuring curtains for poles Pencil pleat curtains: Measure from the eye – the small metal ring at the bottom of each curtain ring. This will ensure you can see the metal rings.

Tab top and eyelet curtains: Measure from the very top of the pole.

Top Tip Use a metal tape measure for accurate dimensions.

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